CALL FOR CHAPTERS -Examining the Phenomenon of Political Humor

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Constantino Pereira Martins

Indexing Keywords

Humor; Politics; White House; White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Introduction to the Subject Area

Humor is a complex subject with various derivations that lives at the present in a gracious state.

From movies to television, from Arts to Politics, being funny and having a sense of humor as become a key subject to understanding the historical momentum.

Addressing specifically the event “White House Correspondents’ Dinner” we aim to explore all the phenomenological and political implications of this exemplar case-study.

This means historical, philosophical, political, rhetorical and media perspectives are welcomed to fully understand the importance of having politicians laughing at themselves, among them and at each other, by them and by others.

This sui generis event, between kings, court and jesters, anchored in both offense and defense rhetorical strategies (or simultaneous), is undoubtedly one of the most incongruous and relevant events of social and political order worldwide.

We hope to highlight that singularity.

In general terms, the book will try to establish a collection of academic essays that aims to cover different areas and forms of access to the topic, in the attempt of showing the complexity of a phenomenon that is part of everyone’s daily life through television mainly but that has massive political implications and can uncover and reveal one of the oldest relation in politics: of humor and power.

Overall Objectives and Mission

The concept of Humor and its relation to Politics is something of daily use but that has not been addressed in terms of its multiplicity in the academic field regarding a specific event that as both historical and philosophical layers blended in a political happening.

It’s a general concept that has multiple access doors that we intend to bring to the general public, and specifically to the academic one, in a systematic and condensed proposal that could be a referential title for those who wish to study this concept.

In a certain sense the idea is to transform this book in a mandatory starting point of study.

From Philosophy to Politics and Media, starting in Psychology and dealing with political communication agenda problems, the general goal would be to give the readers a broader perspective of the topic.

Scholarly Value, Potential Contribution/ Impact, and Purpose

Since there is nothing published that one could compare, this book would constitute a reference title in terms of academic research.

The book could most probably become one of those titles that would easily become a reference title in any academic research in the concept area due to its transversality and academic potential.

There is also a potential of partnerships to be build towards the White House, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner archives ( that can allow scholars to a more historical perspective and even towards the methodology for ex: pre and post 9/11, regarding different President timelines, etc.), among others, that can greatly contribute to the certain success of this book.

Potential Uses/Intended Audience

  • Academic community; students, teachers, researchers
  • Political and Media, Marketing community
  • Aesthetic community

Tentative Project Timetable

8‐11 month development period (publication release date within approximately 12‐14 months)