DIGICOM 2020 – 4th International Conference on Design and Digital Communication

5-7 November 2020, Teatro Gil Vicente, Barcelos, Portugal
Call for papers: until May 31, 2020

The DIGICOM organizing committee invites original contributions in the form of a paper. This invitation is open to all researchers, academics, designers and students whose work falls within the field of Design and Digital Communication, namely:

A) Practical applied projects: projects developed in a research, academic or commercial context, of a practical nature and with a potential social, cultural or economic relevance.
B) Case Studies: description and analysis of projects or research problems in the most different contexts.
C) Literature review: presentation of the state of the art from a certain research problem.
D) Research work: doctoral or master’s research; and new approaches and research frameworks.

Submissions will be accepted in the following topics:

· Web Design
· Interface Design
· Usability
· Mobile apps
· Editorial Design on digital media
· Digital Typography
· Multimedia Technologies
· Social Media
· Product Design

· Design of Visual Identity
· Branding
· Communication and Strategy
· Communication Design
· Digital Marketing
· Advertisement
· Social media
· Market and Business

· Video
· Motion Graphics
· Digital and Interactive Television
· Infographics
· Video Games
· Audiovisual Graphics

· Theory and History of the Media
· Information Society
· Internet and Social Networks
· Health and wellbeing
· Education, Literacy and Citizenship
· Culture, Countercultures and subcultures
· Visual, Aesthetic and Semiotic Analysis

Papers must have between 2000-3500 words, up to a maximum of 12 pages, fulfil with the formatting guidlines and be written in English (preferred language), Portuguese or Spanish.

Approved English written papers will be published by Springer in a Proceedings book (with ISBN) indexed on Springerlink and Google Scholar, and will also be submitted for ISI Proceedings indexing.

The approved Portuguese or Spanish written papers will be published in a Proceedings book (with ISBN), edited by IPCA.

The authors of the best papers will be invited to write an original chapter in the book “Perspectives on design research: Practices and theories in Design and Digital Communication”, to be published in the Springer Series in Design and Innovation.

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