Ecstatic Truth V: The Age of the Absurd 27-28th April 2020, Vienna


We are extremely happy to confirm our first guest speakers for this year’s Ecstatic Truth: Dr. Lilly Husbands, animation lecturer and researcher, and Marcin Gizycki, art historian, critic and filmmaker.

Ecstatic Truth is the symposium dedicated to the intersections of animation and documentary in its multiple formats.

The Call for Papers is open until Friday the 16th of February – please read below for more info

Ecstatic Truth V: The Age of the Absurd
Vienna, 27-28th April 2020

On its 5th edition, Ecstatic Truth, the annual symposium dedicated to the multiple combinations of animation and documentary (conceptualised very broadly as non-fiction), will take place in Vienna, 27-28 April, in conjunction with Under_the_Radar 2020.

This year we invite speakers to respond to the age of the absurd we seem to be living in:
How can we respond to the absurdity of a world being run to continuously make profit regardless of its sustainability? How can we use animation and filmmaking for activism? How can we creatively challenge the current assault on reliable information? What is the role of humour, surrealism, the historic strategies of the Absurd and Central European Existentialism, to respond to these contemporary issues?

We welcome proposals for 20-minute presentations, speculations, poetic reflections, rigorous questioning, even fierce creative opposition, from both academic and practitioner-led perspectives.
Selected papers will be published in a specially themed issue of the International Journal of Film and Media Arts.

The proposal should include an abstract of not more than 500 words and a short biography of no more than 200 words.

Please send it to:
Call for papers deadline: 16th February 2020

For more information about the call for papers go to:

Ecstatic Truth is organised by:

Birgitta Hosea, Animation Research Centre, UCA Farnham, UK;

Pedro Serrazina, Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, Portugal;

Tereza Stehlikova, CREAM, University of Westminster, UK


With thanks to Under_the_Radar: Barnaby Dicker, Martina Tritthart, Holger Lang

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